Terrible Drabble: Noxious Letter

I told you: actual stink lines wave in the air above it. They’re hand-drawn.

Don’t believe me? Hold your breath (seriously, don’t breathe) and take a closer look.

See? Pencil marks.


…sorry I pulled you so hard there. They’d almost reached your nostrils. Stink lines get inside you, you’ll cough up graphite dust for a week.

The graphite won’t kill you; the smell will. Open that letter, and a hand-drawn cloud of pure funk will crawl down your throat, seep into your eyes and ears. Take in that smell, and strangers on the street will beat you to death.

I’ll be posting some creepy drabble (100-word stories) inspired by random word pairs here every Thursday for a while. I’m planning to do this for a few months or until I get sick of this particular writing exercise. No idea how long that will be…

…all images = supplied by Pixabay.com & Photoshopped by me unless otherwise indicated.


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