If you’ve been following the endless chronicle of my terrible life choices on Facebook, then you know I recently took in my second pregnant stray dog in <6 months. 

Our previous preggo stray had eight puppies; we’ve been working with a local rescue group to place them and we’re down to just two puppies from that litter, plus their mom.

Newest Preggo Doggo had nine puppies.


A stray shepherd mix dog is lying in a kiddie pool with her litter of nine puppies.
I mean they’re super cute and all, but this is a lot of dogs.

It’s time to accept it. This is my life now. I am That Dog Lady.

Mommo was living on the streets for months. We tried repeatedly to trap her, but couldn’t manage it until her gigantor preggo belly slowed her down. For a wild dog, she’s come a long way in just 10 days toward accepting life in a people house. I think a warm living space and 3 meals a day has more to do with that than any particular attachment she has to us, but so far we’re all getting along well. If no owner turns up, she has a forever home here with us.

These puppies, though…

Four separate images of 6-day-old puppies in boxes, edited together into one image.
This isn’t even half of the endless Cute Parade we’ve got going on around here.

…they are as sweet as pie but between our three, the three left over from the earlier litter, and this batch, we now have 15 dogs living in this house. As much fun as we’ll have keeping this place Puppy Central for a while, we do want to find new families for these puppies as fast as we can. We’re still working out exactly how that’s going to happen…we’ll post info here and on the Hate You Forever Facebook page once we’ve decided upon an adoption process.  We’ll also be putting pictures up on my Instagram page, so if you need a thousand puppy photos over the next several weeks you’ll want to get in on that.

In the meantime if you know you’ll be in the market for a CUTE AS PIE pupper some time in early March, keep us in mind.  If you are looking for a 100% derpazoid pupper right now, adoptions for the two big ol’ goofballs in the photo below are being handled by Home Fur-Ever Rescue. You can find information about HFE’s adoption policies and upcoming events here.

One brown pit mix puppy and one black pit mix puppy with huge smiles jumping at the camera.
Just look at these derps!

Puppies are a blast, but eleven of the little ankle biters is a bit much even for me…

…stay tuned for a crap ton of kvetching and funny stories and photographs. If the last batch is any indication, it should be a wild ride.


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