Super Lazy Film Review: April 2016

MOVIES! I love ’em. Who doesn’t?  I also love talking about them but I am a natural-born lazy-ass, so in-depth reviews which take into account the director’s past work, actors’ growth as artists, and the entire history of cinematography and the technology behind filmmaking are not going to come from me.

So here’s a film I’ve seen, rated on a scale that I’m making up as I go along. I may review other stuff later, but I may not. Because Laziness.

silkSILK (2006)

Rating: Wait, Is This A Cube Knockoff? It Fucking Better Not Be. Oh Thank GAWD, It Wasn’t.

Although the special effects quality falls just shy of Epic Photoshop Fail, this Thai film is an inventive, creeptastic ghost story. It isn’t officially available to stream anymore (at least not with English subtitles), but you can find it all chopped up on Jacky Chane’s YouTube channel. If you collect horror flicks then this one’s well worth the cost of a bargain DVD. Don’t believe me? Just check out this trailer:


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