Oct. 23 – Horror Webcomics, Part 1

Each year, my friend Brian Lillie publishes commentary on horror in pop culture and asks a few friends to contribute posts. This is the first of a two-parter that I wrote for his blog, 31 Days Hath October.

31 Hath October


This list was surprisingly difficult to put together. These days, most online comics billing themselves as “horror”, aren’t. Sure, a lot of them have monsters…but the monsters all go to the same high school and bond over half-caff lattes and suspiciously thick, superdarkred “tomato” soup, ha ha ha. Those comics are fun and all, but the occasional gotcha moment doesn’t really count.

So where’s a web surfing horror aficionado supposed to go for her fright fix? Here’s a list of comics that are so creepy, they eviscerate dime-a-dozen chibi vampire fare and use the guts to string up the endless online parade of adorable ghost-hunting kids:

  1. Lapse by A. M. Alecci – I have a soft spot in my heart for stories featuring charming fuckups. If those charming fuckups have died and are now being stalked by shadowy soulsuckers, that’s even…

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