Oct. 13: Mancameron’s roomZER0

Our next horror webcomic is the new-ish roomZER0, created by Nashville’s mancameron (Cameron Lucente).

roomZER0 has only been running since January of this year, but it’s already set a high standard for excellent action sequences and a steady stream of creepy imagery.

The series uses a combination of illustration and animated .gifs (so far, only the dream sequences have been narrated) to tell the story of Alan, an alcoholic who struggles almost as much with his nightmares as he does with sobriety…and he is not winning that last battle at all:

Dammit, Alan.
Dammit, Alan.

As the story unfurls, Alan’s dreams start to encroach more and more upon his real life. It’s hard to say whether roomZER0’s eventual overall development will live up to the promise of these early pages – the last update was back on 9/18, and we’re only just starting on Chapter 2. Everything from the artwork to the storytelling has been gorgeous so far, though…I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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