Oct 5: Haunter

Sam Alden‘s Haunter doesn’t have surprises, exactly — what it does have is lush art, fine storytelling, and a good dose of the creeping horrors.

A hunter discovers a hidden temple while tracking a boar, and awakens a sleeping…thing. When the creature gives chase, the hunter must fight to survive. It’s a very short comic, so I can’t say more without giving a crap ton of spoilers. Click on the cover page to check it out:

Haunter online webcomic - cover image
Haunter’s textures and colors enhance the comic’s pervasive otherworldliness.

See? Wasn’t that cool? Haunter was nominated for the 2013 Ignatz Awards (Outstanding Online Comic). Study Group Comics has a number of excellent short webcomics — browsing the entire site is a fine way to spend an afternoon.

Sick of just reading stuff online? You can pick up a hard copy of Haunter (and several of Alden’s other comics) at his online store. Me, I have my eye on Wicked Chicken Queen.


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